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FINANCIAL PLACEMENT Kempten - Returns - Security - Flexibility

reference : 3012            Price : from 5000

VIVAT Multitalent AG - D-87437 Kempten - Germany
Yield - Security - Flexibility

Diversify your investments by subscribing in German Real Estate
Projectsto big returns and redemption of credits.

- Multitalent has a yield of 5% to 10%
- Performance Commitments Held Since Inception
- Concept that has proved its worth since 2005
- Exceptional income for capital saving
- Suitable for all investment volumes
- Investment in NPL's growing market

Products: no subscription and management fees

- Multitalent BASIC: Loan Savings, from 50 € per month on 7-12-18-25 years
  Annual interest 5 - 6 - 7 - 8% - Paid at maturity of the loan.

- Multitalent SMART: Participatory loan, from 5'000 € over 5 full calendar years
   Interest 8% annual, paid on 30/06 and 31/12.

- Multitalent ADVANCED: Obligation Nominative, from 20'000 € over 5 full years
   Interest 6% annual, paid on 30/06 and 31/12.

- Multitalent BOND: Bon au Porteur, € 100,000 or € 120,000 over 5 full years
   Interest 8% annual, paid on 30/06 and 31/12.

- Multitalent PRIME: Subordinated loan, starting from 200'000 € over 5 full years
   Interest 10% annual, paid quarterly.

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