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Chile Forest Fund - Sustainable forest development

reference : 3059            Price : from 50 000 $

Chile Forest Fund is a private fund created by PHH Investment in partnership with investor Thierry Menudier.

A French resident in Chile, Mr. Menudier owns 900 hectares of virgin forest in the Futrono Cordillera, province of Valdivia, where he wants to initiate and develop forestry activities. Because of the land's potential in forest resources, PHH Investment created Chile Forest Fund to raise money to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Hire the personnel needed for forestry operations.
  2. Invest in logging equipment.
  3. Open a route to ship timber production.
  4. Acquire neighboring forest lands, to increase forestry activities.
  5. Develop this economic activity in a sustainable way, and in accordance with environmental preservation laws.
  6. Generate regular, fixed profits, for up to 10 years, to investors who finance these activities.  

    Why invest in Chile Forest Fund?


    Raw materials of high value and quality

    In this virgin forest of Patagonian species of adult trees, the wood is of very high quality. The forest estate of Mr. Menudier contains a density of 200 adult trees per hectare, and therefore has about 180,000 native trees. It produces 3 categories of wood: • 22% of wood grade #1, locally traded at about € 393 per green m³ (not seasoned wood). This kind of wood is sold to intermediaries who resell it in Santiago, the capital of Chile, for exportation after drying. • 35% of wood grade #2, locally traded at a price of € 230 per green m³. This wood quality is sold as structural timber, and is used as a framework for 99% of Chilean houses. · 43% of wood grade #3, locally traded at a price of € 170 per green m³. Grade #3 is sold primarily for wooden railway sleepers. Prices were calculated at an exchange rate of 1 euro = 734 Chilean pesos.


    Eternal wealth that grows from the land

    Chilean law allows the cut of 50% of the trees on the 700 ha with reasonable slope, and 20% on the 200 ha with slope higher than 45º. The calculated potential represents, therefore, the authorized cut of 78,000 trees, or 263,250 m³ of sawn timber (lumber), plus 780,000 m³ of firewood. A team of forest engineers considers that the forest has an annual growth of 10 m³ per ha. This represents a natural annual production of 9,000 m³ of raw wood, or 4,475 m³ of lumber, plus the corresponding firewood. We plan to exploit the 263,250 m³ of resources over a period of 80 years, thus 3,290 m³ per year of lumber (much less than the annual natural production estimated at 4,475 m³ of lumber). After 40 years, the first cuts will have reached a diameter allowing logging again. This guarantees an eternal resource, since they will be cut only after 80 years.

    Responsible and sustainable profits

    For the investors who decide to finance this activity, PHH Investment offers fixed annual returns of 17% on the amount invested. These profits will be distributed as quarterly dividends, i.e. 4.25% every three months. Each contract will last 12 months, tacitly renewable for 12 more, up to a maximum of 10 years. Financing this project also guarantees forest development in this region will be made responsibly, and in compliance with Chilean environmental protection laws. From wood selection to cutting, all activities will be supervised by a qualified staff of forest guards and forest engineers. In the Futrono forest, each tree will be strictly evaluated and selected before cutting. All historical specimens will be kept. Particular attention will also be given to the region's wildlife preservation.

Forest location


Located in the province of Valdivia, a region of rivers, this forest is a guarantee of resources, combined with a privileged geographic location. Chile Forest Fund has a deeply ingrained value.

Subscription information

  • Minimum amount of 50,000.00 USD/EUR/CHF.
  • Deposit of funds in Swiss bank.
  • Minimum duration of 12 months, renewable tacitly.
  • Annual fixed returns of 17% on the invested amount, with dividends every 3 months (4.25% per quarter).
  • Fund manager: PHH Investment.
  • Fund issuer: Thierry Menudier.

Required documents

  • A copy of your passport.
  • A copy of your electricity or telephone bill, to verify your address.

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