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The "LAND TRADE FUND" is an investment in CAPITAL with profitability paid monthly and guarantee of the capital.

This product is intended for people wishing to position themselves as investors on subdivision land transactions.
The complete cycle of an operation of this type normally takes from 3 to 5 years.
By investing in CAPITAL INVESTMENT throught the "LAND TRADE FUND", the minimum duration of the investment is 12 months and the returns from 13% to 20% per year.

At maturity, the investor is guaranteed to repayment of 100% of the invested capital more bounds that will have been paid throughout the duration of the investment.

Our fund participates in the structuring, development and financing of various economic activities in various sectors (Real Estate, Industrial, Commercial ...) through a simple strategy to convert and recycle a mortgage guarantee in the form of land, in action or the obligation of projects with high recovery potential, in a sectoral environment allowing the growth of the target company while reducing the cycle of profitability.

The investor has the possibility either to leave his funds in Switzerland or to deposit them outside Europe. We take care of transfers.

The investor will be able to apply for a Visa or Mastercard to withdraw dividends from this investment from anywhere in the world.

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