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French (es), did you know that money is sleeping maybe in your mortgage?


You certainly are undergoing a mortgage? Or have you had a mortgage in the past?

  This may interest you and bring you big!

Did you know that 70% of mortgage contracts contain TEG errors?

In the event of a mistake by TEG, French law allows judicial proceedings to be taken in order to recover and save undue interest from the bank. The sums recovered are often significant: on average 30 000 euros ... Lawyers and lawyers of a specialized law firm based in France will readily analyze all your mortgage contracts (even matured, in process, redeemed, renegotiated .. . In the event of a TEG error, the firm will then proceed with a procedure to restore your rights. The procedure lasts a maximum of 13 months. Moreover, the expenses incurred (approximately 100 eur / month) are GUARANTEED. This means that in case of interruption or failure of the procedure, these are refunded to you immediately. TOUS les crédits immobiliers sont concernés, même anciens.">In summary: -> ALL real estate loans are concerned, even old ones. L'analyse de vos crédit est GRATUITE.">---> The analysis of your credit is FREE. Dans 70% des cas, le contrat de crédit immobilier comporte des erreurs de TEG.Ces erreurs permettent d'exiger le remboursement/déduction des intérêts indus.">---> In 70% of cases, the loan agreement contains errors of TEG.These errors make it possible to require the reimbursement / deduction of undue interest. La procédure dure 13 mois et les frais engagés sont GARANTIS.">---> The procedure lasts 13 months and the expenses incurred are GUARANTEED. And you, do you know how much your bank will have to pay you back? Contact us if you are interested in a free real estate loan analysis! Http://
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