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Reasons to Invest in Florida: French and Francophones do not necessarily think about investing in real estate in the US and especially in Florida, yet acquiring property in Miami is cheaper than many European capitals.
Since the fall of real estate in the United States, driven by the crisis of sub-premiums, bank seizures have multiplied. That\\\'s why you have to take advantage of these special circumstances to invest in real estate in Miami. It is in this city that the prices fell the most in 2008 but, also, in this one they go up the most. Prices rose 20% on Downtown and 35% in Miami Beach in 2011. $ 10 billion was invested in real estate by 2020 creating many jobs in all areas.
Miami has no income tax, only the federal tax applies. France avoids double taxation because of international conventions. It is an international city that speaks all languages. Investors around the world are paying cash which makes a new real estate crisis in Miami unlikely.