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Ile Maurice


reference : 2140            Price : partir de 385 000

A site of exceptional beauty
The village of Azuri is developed on 170 hectares of land. The site consists of distinct and complementary landscapes: a seafront offering a magnificent view of the immense lagoon east of the island, land Agricultural height of the Rampart River, planting of mangroves to mouth and an area of ​​forest behind this coastal environment. It is on 17 hectares of mouth that the first phase of this project will be implemented.

Azuri is located on the north east coast of Mauritius, just 25km from the capital Port Louis, about 35 minutes drive from the business center of the island. Few sites in Mauritius offering sea developments on land freehold. In fact most of the land on the coast are often leased. Again Azuri is distinguished by its unique appeal, giving the opportunity to acquire in a freehold waterfront on an island paradise.
The north and east of the island have a network and a high quality road infrastructure unlike the south of the island. Thereby accessing multiple activities and facilities available in this part of the island is much faster.
The vision for Azuri
Azuri was conceived as a new seaside village on the north east coast of Mauritius, to meet the aspirations of local and international clients seeking natural, well-being and emotions.
Incorporate the village in a contemporary exotically, a complete range of luxury residences built around a heart of bustling village, consisting of commercial services of a 5 star hotel and a range of leisure activities to comprehensive both facing the sea and the land.
This project presents opportunities life offers a functional and attractive platform for the development of a sustainable community and resolutely true Mauritian where vacationers and permanent residents can meet, exchange ideas and enrich common experiences and a new way of life ideal for open air living real life in the tropics, where urban spaces harmoniously blend with island landscapes that make up the site.
Alone imagining your new life here, you already feel at home.
It offers truly unique qu'Azuri
The initial phase of the project will be the creation of the first seaside village in Mauritius where a selection of properties will be available to both Mauritian and international buyers:
· Un vrai concept innovant, imaginé, conçu et élaboré par une équipe de consultants locaux et internationaux.">• A true innovative concept, conceived, designed and developed by a team of local and international consultants.

· Le premier projet intégré vraiment multiculturel sur l'île répondant aux aspirations d'une clientèle mixte.">• The first truly multicultural integrated project on the island to meet the aspirations of a mixed clientele.
· Un environnement d'une grande beauté en toute propriété, bordant un sublime lagon de sable corallien, offrant un choix exhaustif de loisirs terrestres et maritimes.">• An environment of great beauty in any property, bordering a lagoon coral sand sublime, offering a comprehensive selection of recreational land and sea.
· Le déploiement d'une vraie communauté permanente et durable qui ne laissera pas les résidents désillusionnés hors des saisons de pointe touristiques.">• The deployment of a real permanent and sustainable community that will not let residents disillusioned outside tourist peak seasons.
· L'équipe d'Azuri a tout intégré pour créer un style de vie de grande qualité empreint de culture">• The team has Azuri all integrated to create a lifestyle full of high quality cultural
Mauritius where life happens just while deep emotions and human encounters.
· Le projet a été conçu afin de créer une communauté ouverte, comme faisant partie">• The project was designed to create an open community, as part
integral of the island, and not as an artificial world partitioned by high barriers.

Components of the Azuri
Azuri was designed to ensure the best opportunities for residents, visitors and tourists to the village. The result of nearly two years of study:
· Résidentiel IRS : une communauté de 169 propriétaires internationaux pour des appartements, des penthouse et des résidences en duplex, sur des terrains paysagers, avec piscines, et accès à un éventail de loisirs sur le site et à proximité.">• Residential IRS: a community of 169 international owners of apartments, penthouses and duplex homes on landscaped grounds with swimming pool and access to a range of leisure activities on site and nearby.
· Résidentiel pour les résidents mauriciens : 109 appartements, penthouse et résidences en duplex sont proposés à la clientèle mauricienne, implantés au sein d'espaces communs, avec parkings.">• Residential to Mauritian residents: 109 apartments, penthouses and duplex residences are offered to customers in Mauritius, located in common areas, with parking.
· Centara Grand Azuri Resort & Spa : un boutique hôtel 5 étoiles avec 85 chambres.">• Centara Grand Azuri Resort & Spa 5-star boutique hotel with 85 rooms.
· Commerces et restaurants : l'objectif est d'implanter quelques commerces et restaurants pour répondre aux besoins journaliers des résidents et visiteurs et procurer une offre culinaire de grande qualité, accessible à une clientèle extérieure.">• Shops and restaurants: the objective is to implement a few shops and restaurants to meet the daily needs of residents and visitors and provide a culinary high quality, accessible to outside customers.
· Education: une composante essentielle de la réussite du projet est le développement d'une structure éducative primaire et secondaire de grande qualité.">• Education: an essential component of the success of the project is the development of an educational primary and secondary quality. The team is currently considering several opportunities Azuri, placing this project in mind educational facilities on the island and in the Indian Ocean.
· Facilités nautiques: Boat Club avec mouillage inclus.">• Water Facilities: Boat Club with mooring included.
· Un large éventail d'activités de loisirs.">• A wide range of leisure activities.

Residences IRS
Combining both intimacy and integration into an active local community residences IRS establish a new concept of living on the coast.
The architects chose to combine contemporary architecture style typical Mauritian outward. The emphasis was on the use of local materials that blend in perfectly with this simple and natural environment.
These prestigious residences are organized around common areas with swimming pool,
landscaped gardens and secure parking.
Azuri is available to international buyers and Mauritius from USD 500k, thus obtaining a residence permit in Mauritius acquisition, while benefiting from a rental program managed by an international hotel chain.

Nautil, homes shore
Ideally located next to the lagoon bordering the lagoon, these residences on the shore offer a splendid view of the bay and mangroves.
Nautil consists of:
· 16 appartements de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher, avec balcons et terrasses, incluant des penthouse.">• 16 apartments with 3 or 4 bedrooms with balconies and terraces, including penthouse.
· 11 résidences en duplex de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher, avec jardin privatif.">• 11 residential duplex with 3 or 4 bedrooms, with private garden.

Opaline, residential neighborhood gardener
Opaline opens to the village center with its shops and its life.
Opaline consists of:
· 23 appartements de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher, avec balcons ou terrasses, incluant des penthouse.">• 23 apartments with 3 or 4 bedrooms, with terraces or balconies, including penthouse.
· 6 résidences en duplex de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher avec jardin privatif.">• 6 duplex residences in 3 or 4 bedrooms with private garden.

Bay, the residences of the lagoon
Ideally located next to the lagoon bordering the lagoon, these homes offer stunning views of the bay and mangroves.
Bay consists of:
· 26 appartements de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher, avec balcons ou terrasses, incluant des penthouse.">• 26 apartments with 3 or 4 bedrooms, with terraces or balconies, including penthouse.
· 5 résidences en duplex de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher, avec jardin privatif.">• 5 residential duplex with 3 or 4 bedrooms, with private garden.

Coralis, homes on the bay
Coralis enjoys an exclusive location on the hills above the river. The views are breathtaking turquoise lagoon
in this environment fresh and green.
Coralis consists of:
· 33 appartements de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher, avec balcons ou terrasses, incluant des penthouse.">• 33 apartments with 3 or 4 bedrooms, with terraces or balconies, including penthouse.
· 12 résidences en duplex de 3 ou 4 chambres à coucher avec jardin privatif.">• 12 residential duplex with 3 or 4 bedrooms with private garden.

Invest Azuri
Azuri was elected by the Daily Telegraph as one of the safest residential developments abroad.

The only residences with guaranteed income in Mauritius
While offering homes of choice and high quality team Azuri has designed the first residences IRS in Mauritius, enjoying a guaranteed income of 5% over the first three years of occupation.
Available on selected units, this guarantee will mean for investors or second home owners a return on their investment in the early years of occupation coupled with a growth in the value of assets.

Summary of benefits of investing in Azuri:
· Toutes les unités peuvent faire partie du programme de location-gérance proposé par l'hôtel 5 étoiles Centara Grand Resort, situé au coeur du village.">• All units can be part of the lease management proposed by the 5-star Centara Grand Resort, located in the heart of the village.
· Le revenu locatif est fixé à 5% par an au cours des 3 premières années (incluant frais de gestion, charges locatives, assurance, maintenance , etc...), basé sur la valeur du bien.">• The rental income is set at 5% per year during the first 3 years (including management fees, rental fees, insurance, maintenance, etc ...), based on the value of the property.
· Cette garantie sera sécurisée par une garantie bancaire complète, de valeur équivalente.">• This guarantee will be secured by a bank guarantee full equal value.
· Cette offre est unique sur le marché des propriétés accessibles aux étrangers à l'Ile Maurice.">• This offer is unique in the market of properties available to foreigners in Mauritius.
· Garantie de revenus sur certaines unités seulement.">• Guaranteed income on certain units only.
· Tout revenu locatif sera payable en dollar US.">• Any rental income will be payable in U.S. dollars.
· Cette offre est extrêmement compétitive comparée aux autres investissements financiers sur le marché.">• This offer is extremely competitive compared to other financial investments in the market.
· Azuri est le seul IRS avec une gamme de prix allant de 500,000 dollars US à 830,000 dollars US, le prix moyen sur l'île pour un IRS se situant actuellement à 1,6 millions de dollars US.">• Azuri is the only IRS with prices ranging from U.S. $ 500,000 to U.S. $ 830.000, the average price on the island for an IRS currently at 1.6 million U.S. dollars.
· Les acheteurs deviennent titulaires automatiquement d'un permis de résidence mauricien.">• Buyers holders automatically become a residence permit in Mauritius.
• 15% tax on income, 15% tax and no corporate tax on the gain. Annuler les modifications Cette langue n'en est qu'au stade du développement et n'a pas encore atteint le même niveau de qualité que les autres langues que nous proposons.">Alpha

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