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reference : 3046            Price :

There is no restriction for the applicant based on their nationality as long as they have not been listed by Interpol.

  -1- The first and main requirement would be to obtain from a bank in Monaco a certificate establishing the financial good health of the applicant. In order to obtain such certificate, the applicant must transfer into a local a minimum amount of 500 000 €. ( An introduction meeting being requested, we will introduce the applicant to few banks we are working with mainly HSBC- Credit Foncier Monaco.) (Depending the applicants nationality and occupation some complementary information may be requested to justify the origin of the funds.)   - The sum will not be blocked and can be withdrawn by the applicant at any stage, and obviously generate interest for the account holder, therefore this is not a blocked deposit (in the event the money was withdrawn before the release of the bank certificate, it would blocked the application procedure).   -2- The second requirement is to demonstrate proof of an effective domicile in Monaco. In this case two options are offered to the clients :   1) Purchase a real Estate Property in Monaco. 2) Rent an apartment in Monaco. ( which is the most common and easiest way to proceed at least in first instance)   - The applicant would have to attend IN PERSON two meetings in Monaco :   1) First meeting for the introduction of the client to the bank 2) Second meeting at the Police of Monaco after release of the bank certificate and proof of residence in Monaco.   From our side, we are taking care of the entire legal representation on behalf of the client. This include the following steps :   - We would carry out and submit to the local authorities, the Due Diligence on the applicant to make sure he is eligible for the Residency - We would introduce the client to the bank and supervise the opening of the account and the release of the bank certificate.

- We would take care of the real estate domiciliation of the client either through the purchase or the renting of a Property in Monaco. (Once again we would introduce the clients to some estate agencies, in order to source the property for him and take care of all legalities on its behalf.

- We would organize and attend the meeting with the Police with the applicant - We would follow up the procedure until approval and delivery of the residency Card. Based on the extensive experience and most importantly based on the successful track record of our local correspondent in Monaco we are able to guarantee the approval of such Residence visa, as long as the applicant fulfill the three main conditions listed above ( Not to be listed by Interpol & Not to be considered as a Persona Non Grata in Monaco- To Deposit a minimum of 300 000 € in a local bank, To produce of a Proof of domiciliation in Monaco)   The overall cost to obtain such Residence will amount to 15 000 € + VAT, including legal fees and all relatives expenses to be paid. Since This sum is considered as an expenses to obtain the Residency card, it can be offset from the sum deposited at the bank. Payment plan as per below :   - Upon reception of the original documents and Qualification of the applicant, we would kindly require the first half of the funds. . - Upon approval of the Residency and before handing over of the Card, we would kindly require payment of The balance of  the legal fees

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